💖💖Quantum cleaning💖💖cg00-01
(JAN:4570051330044) 6800yen(tax included 7480yen)
  Nergy reacts to the water flow.
  Put it together with the laundry to reduce the amount
  of detergent and wash it.
  One or two people live with one sheet, when the amount is small.
  If you are worried more than that, we recommend 2 sheets.

💖💖Quantum chip💖💖cg00-06
   (JAN:4570051330051)3100yen(tax included 3410yen)
   Reduces electromagnetic waves.
   As a talisman of rare natural ore such as
   in a smartphone case or in a pocket

💖💖Quantum Ion Mist💖💖cg00-07
(JAN:4570051330037)6800yen(tax included 7480 yen)
   Negative ion mist that can be used repeatedly
by putting water in the bottle。
  Refresh before studying, cool down after taking a bath
  or after sports, prevent heat stroke with the principle
  of water sprinkling, spray from the top of makeup
  in preparation for air drying

💖💖Quantum Ion Mist D💖💖cg00-02
(JAN:4570051330068)9800yen(tax included 10780 yen)
  A negative ion spray for cleaning
that can be used repeatedly by filling the bottle with water.
  A small amount (about 1 teaspoon) of baking soda
  (usually used to swell food) in a bottle is highly alkaline
and easy to use for cleaning. (Do not spray on people
after adding baking soda)

💖💖Quantum Spa Shower💖💖cg00-03
  (JAN:4570051330082)6800yen(tax included 7480 yen)
  An energy sheet that is wrapped around water pipes and hoses.
  Wrap it around the water pipe in the kitchen to assist
  in washing dishes, wrap it around the shower hose
  in the bath to assist the hot water shan,
  and wrap it around the washing machine hose to assist
  in washing clothes.

💖💖Quantum cooking water💖💖cg00-04
  (JAN:4570051330013)30000yen(tax included 33000 yen)
  An energy sheet that makes water for cooking.
Since it has a built-in strong magnet,
it can be made up to 5 to 6 liters at a time.
This is the water you normally use, such as replenishing
Quantum Ion Mist, watering flowers, and drinking water for pets!