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I started selling tourmaline in Japan 14 to 15 years ago and made 1 billion sales in 3 months, but I was deceived by a collaborator and fell to the bottom of my life and committed suicide. I was thinking.

At the age of 60, I was forcibly taken by an acquaintance to meet Jaina san (about 75 years old at that time), a famous Jain leader living in Kyushu. When I first met Jain, I wondered, “What do the old people know about me?”

Then, “you seem to think, What do the old people know about me? but now that you’ve come this far, you should try listening to me, “Jaina san has talked to me like this

It seemed that Jaina san had seen through my heart, so I immediately answered “Yes” and sat down. Then, he advised me, “You seem to have a strong stone god. When you are over 70, your fortune will be opened.”

I visited shrines for the purpose of searching for stone gods all over Japan. However, I couldn’t find the meaning of what Jaina san was saying.

After that, at the age of 71 this year, I was able to discover the photon formy dynamic theory by combining the natural oscillating ore developed mainly with natural hot spring ore and the property that mediates the property that mediates the Dynamic theory of photon horme. This is not the conventional combustion type energy but the rotary type energy. 

Until now, humankind has failed with combustion-type energy. World War I and World War II were wars competing for oil. And as a result of using too much fossil fuel, we have destroyed the ozone layer.

Environmental measures that must be reviewed now

Healer san, an American Indian fortune-teller, first predicted that it would be black water (oil) that would destroy the planet. The prophecy was only 100 years ago.

When that happens, the hundreds of millions of years old bacteria sleeping in the ice refill. Antibiotics do not work against the bacterium. It is a precursor to the emergence of viruses for which conventional drugs do not work. As that happens, I think it will be a situation that can no longer be dealt with.

As predicted, humankind is trying to destroy the history that the earth has built over 4.6 billion years in just 100 years.

And ten years later, it is predicted that the Antarctic and Arctic ice will melt.

This summer of 2010 was unusually hot, with no red dragonflies and I couldn’t find any shrimp or crabs.

Mankind cannot ignore this mysterious phenomenon. In a few years, we will be in a state where we do not know what will happen to the earth.

So we have to rethink the themes of savings, the environment and circulation.

I don’t even know if the earth can be maintained for 10 years as it is. This is something we all have to think about seriously.

Nowadays, products using the photon holmy theory are attracting attention and becoming a hot topic from the viewpoint of environmental improvement and health. This is because using this product eliminates the need for detergents that contaminate water, and eliminates the exhaust gas and soot emitted from cars.

And this year, when I visited Jaina san again, he was old.

Then Jain encouraged me, “I’m still conscious as I grow older. You’ve finally found it. Your name will roar not only in Japan, but all over the world.”

I am working on this product development as an ecology activity, not for money or fame, but for future children to baton the blue earth to the Dutch.

2020 postscript:What I’ve learned recently while living a pandemic and self-restraint life

Recently, dinosaurs from 250 years ago are coming out as they are. Ice is melting due to global warming.

With the natural disasters of corona and floods, we are taught a spirit of sharing and global warming. Plants and animals live by sharing. It is exchanging carbon dioxide and oxygen, but We only humans are competing.

When the lion is full, it won’t take any more. We can eat rice because farmers produce crops. Farmers can also live by giving them. We are in a shared relationship. If you compete with each other, you will eventually run out of stock, considering that you will compete with each other. However, if we can give each other extra power, we can be fully satisfied with each other. Humans who are only thinking about robbing others cannot live in the future.

The world is still mysterious, even if we think we know it.
There is a boy who is 18 years old playing shogi and winning in a way that even a computer does not know. He seems to use a move that isn’t even input on the computer.

Since our birth, 60 trillion cells have been moving in chunks of meat. There seem to be elements in our body that produce 30 hydrogen bombs. It is not the brain that drives us. It is energy that moves the body.

It has been 4.5 billion years since the earth was born. It has been 3 billion years since the fungus was born. It has been 5 million years since humans were born. Humans are newcomers. Humans are aliens. Viruses are not chasing humans. The mask is for others. God teaches us that relationships must be kind to those around us, not just ourselves.

The earth is moving even at this moment. The morning is bright in the sun. Nothing is more mysterious than this. The world is full of mysteries. We live in such a world. We see only about 3%. What is really happening must look at its foundation.

The meaning of karma is to think positively about the actions you have taken so far. The more I think about my past experiences, the more I make a mistake. The affirmation that rewrites the subconscious is more correct with the heart. The heart thinks good things.

If you give each other, you will be fully satisfied, but if you compete for it, you will be out of stock. From now on, we have to think about negative growth.
If you throw it away, you won’t be obsessed with it, but if you cherish it, you will be obsessed with it.

It is a product that you do not know until you try it, so I would like you to experience it. You can return it if you don’t need it.
I want you to be satisfied with the product while living an eco-friendly life with the feeling of saving one coin a day.